Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров» Daughter of singer Valeria shared her idea of popularity. Anna Shulgina just a couple of years gained popularity as an independent artist. Despite the constant employment, the singer finds time to communicate with relatives and meeting with your loved one.

      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»

      Daughter of singer Valeria Anna Shulgin successfully conquer the Russian show business. The girl produces songs that quickly become hits. However, Anna does not limit itself to just music. Most recently, she has become the leading on the music channel. In an interview with “StarHit” Shulgin told about his creative plans, about the attitude of criticism in social networks, and how her lover treats of popularity.

      Recently you became the leading news on the TV channel “Muz-TV”. How do you feel in this role?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»I feel quite familiar because the experience is already there – I was the concerts and the transmission on TV channel “Russia-1” together with Alexei Vorobyov, if you remember.—
      Two years after writing the first songs you learned as a young performer. The fame and the attention of fans was something new or familiar due to the popularity of mom?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»The first single, “Give me a chance to dream” was the debut work, the song was broadcast on TV, on the Internet. How it all began – first aired on the radio, on television. But to be honest, I don’t consider myself popular. Increased attention quite calmly and reasonably as he used to since childhood. I grew up in this atmosphere, I saw how journalists work, how to behave in front of the camera. For me it is important every, even the slightest achievement, I am pleased, it’s very stimulating and gives me strength to work further.—
      Is there anyone in show business, who do they take? Is this an example mother?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»First and foremost, I am against copying. There are artists who inspire me with their attitude to work, thinking. This foreign stars, for example, I really like Rihanna. I have read and watched many of her interviews and began to adore after a Frank conversation with the great Oprah Winfrey. Mom for me is also a vivid example, but in this case I have a double feeling. When you grow up with that person, then don’t end up realize and perceive it somewhat differently. I’m at mom’s learned a lot, took all the good things continue coming your way.

      When it came the realization that now you’re a famous person? Maybe constantly have to learn on the street, or when increased popularity in social networks?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»Bell had one case. Once I was a couple of years ago walked through a furniture store without makeup, in a tracksuit, not quite expecting someone to meet. Unexpectedly ran some teenage girls began to whisper, to show the finger at me. I was surprised – I thought that I would even relatives did not know and did not notice! And already then I realized that my job moved, and I’m going in the right direction. —
      There are moments when I want to know? Or the realization that many watching your every move is something that long ago got used?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»When I was little, I really didn’t like that our family life is not personal. Remember when around the school, stalking the paparazzi – it was traumatic for me. But eventually, as I grew older, I realized that each was just doing his job. These people meant me no harm, they just have such a profession. If I went that route, I can’t complain. For me it is a conscious choice – I used that constantly in mind. —
      As choice is to your popularity? Maybe he’s trying something to limit to spend more time together?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»I always choose only those who sees me for who I am. I love what I do, it’s part of me, so he understands everything. To my popularity, he is quiet. Even if some of the young men trying to win my attention, he’s not happy with the scandals, because he knows that I am adequate girl.

      Say you work together? For what he answers?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»He’s my record producer. We work together on songs. —
      How was the attitude of the parents to appear in your life boyfriend?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»Unfortunately, as if we never said that we will listen to the parents, this is not always so. Personal life and personal to decide for herself. My parents most importantly, if daughter is happy, then they’re happy. I think this is correct.—
      In the winter your brother Arsenius went out of the house for his beloved Anna. You could do the same if the parents did not like young man?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»It seems to me that this is all due to age. Of course, now this is impossible, but if I was 17 years old – I don’t know what I’d do. I was a different person then, very short temper. I understand that everything that happens Arseny is a transitional age. Maybe I could go as a few years ago, but I don’t know, it’s hard for me to imagine.

      How do you feel about beloved Arseniy? Do you communicate with her?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»I saw her once or twice. I now live my life and do not delve much into his relationship. Don’t even know how to relate to the person with whom you are not familiar with. —
      You have quite a lovely family, and the children of Joseph are you talking to?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»With Danae was trying to communicate, but we were not as close. There’s Lisa, but with it, we communicate more, even go to the gym. She is very open girl, we have similar interests. This is not very is to communicate, most likely it is not modesty, and character.—
      You said you did not communicate with his own father, Alexander Shulgin. Is there any desire to establish a relationship with him, to share their experiences, successes?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»No, no, never. Nothing has changed in relation to it.

      Now you quite often experimenting with looks. So you’re trying to find the one that is most comfortable or is it a style constantly changing?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»I don’t have some kind of search and usually comes from my mood. Here I want today to be with pink hair – are painted. Don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because I am a Gemini by horoscope, born in year of the Rooster. I think it is better to do now than, for example, when I’m 80 years old.

      Despite the fact that the microblogging you write positive comments on creativity, appearance, there are a lot of negative comments. Hurt if you say haters?
      Анна Шульгина: «Любимый не устраивает мне скандалы из-за ухажеров»First of all I want to say that I am adequately healthy criticism. Everyone is different, everyone has different tastes, point of view. If people don’t like something about me, they can safely write, for example: “Anna, I think the color of this dress. I’m just glad that fans can Express their opinion. But what I hate, it’s when strangers turn to me. I used to address everyone, even if the person is younger than me. And when there’s some offensive comments, I absolutely do not understand. They have nothing to do? I try to delete these reviews. Don’t want to clutter up your page. And besides, my fans begin to protect me. To argue with them. Why would they, then nerve cells to waste? So I for adequate communication. I think when someone tries to insult, humiliate, it only shows the inconsistency. —
      What are your future creative plans? Are you going to record an album?
      Coming soon my new song will remove the clip, and in parallel write the album. But when he’s ready, I can’t make. It happens that quickly all turns out, sometimes not. I’m in no hurry, for me it is important that each song had a beginning out of my personal life.

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