Анна Шульгина раскрепостилась перед камерой Fans thought photo and video quite involved, but fascinating. Anna Shulgin decided to show their charms to all fans. The publication of the young singer sparked heated debate on the Network.

      The young singer Anna Shulgin constantly surprises fans with new images. The girl is not afraid of bold experiments, trying to appear before fans in a completely unexpected style. Recently, however, the followers were amazed at the courage of the daughter of the singer Valeria. Anna has published in his microblog a very sensual video. In front of the camera, the singer appeared in a loose short dress. Fans have come to admire after Shulgin’s very sexy was adjusting the straps of the dress and flirted with the camera.

      “Classy,” “Sexy…Always stay blond”, “Scoring, keep it up, Anna, “and why not? Yet so young and beautiful. Well done, Anna bloom and develop further all the skills and data to have!”, “said members of Anna.

      Shortly before this video daughter Valerie was struck by all the fans of bold photography. On the frame, the girl appeared with half-naked chest, which was covered only by two strips of fabric. Despite such a risky way, the fans fully supported the experiment of the young star.

      Apparently, parents and beloved Anna do not have nothing against such images. As recognized by Shulgin, she is glad that the young man accepts her for who she is and not seek to impose their views. Anna Shulgin: “Beloved is not happy with me scandals over Boyfriends”

      She Shulgin admitted that all of her changes to the image occur spontaneously and depend on the mood. She tries not to restrain their impulses and daring to try myself in different styles.

      “Here I want today to be with pink hair – are painted. Don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because I am a Gemini by horoscope, born in year of the Rooster. I think it is better to do now than, for example, when I’m 80 years old,” admitted the actress, “StarHit”.

      Despite the fact that in social networks each publication Anna is a huge amount of reviews, singer quite calmly the stormy discussions of their publications. She reads as praise and criticism. Shulgin glad the fans to freely Express their thoughts and wonders if he sees a really nasty message.

      “When there’s some offensive comments, I absolutely do not understand. They have nothing to do? I try to delete these reviews. Don’t want to clutter up your page. And besides, my fans begin to protect me. To argue with them. Why would they, then nerve cells to waste? So I for adequate communication. I think when someone tries to insult, to humiliate, that he only shows to be ineffective,” – says Shulgin.

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