Анна Семенович сыграет в спектакле

The former participant of group “Brilliant” singer Anna Semenovich start a new page in my life. She recently returned from a holiday in Greece – tanned, postroynevshaya, with an engagement ring on her finger, and so full of strength and energy the artist has announced a new milestone in his career – Anna debuts in the play.

Анна Семенович сыграет в спектакле
As recognized by the mayor, she will play a major role in a Comedy production of “Navy Day”, which will be premiered very soon, September 30, at DK Lensoveta in Saint-Petersburg.
In addition to Anne in a theatrical production can be seen Vlad Topalov, Anton Komolova, Maxim Konovalov, Anna Gorshkov, Vladimir Sychev and Alexander Pashkov.
The plot of the play, radio host (S. Komolov and invite for an interview dancer Semiramis Volochkovu, but instead in the Studio there are two paratroopers, celebrating airborne Day.

Anna admits that at first wanted to refuse to participate in the play because I was scared – she had never appeared on stage.
“Theatre for me has always been a mystery, a place where you live in the here and now. But suddenly I realized that the proposal was a part of my life, which gives me the opportunity to try different roles, test themselves, take risks and get all of this drive and pleasure. Here it is, my first role in the theater, worried, try, live it, and that the blood in the body running faster. On the first rehearsal I was like on exam in school, I admit, was scary. But I took myself that is called “weak” and came to the House of actors confident that I will succeed that we succeed. Now we are rehearsing for 5-6 hours every day, and on September 30 the Prime Minister in St. Petersburg. Very excited, but I’m sure with such wonderful partners we will succeed!” — said Anna.