Anna Semenovich walks like a girl of easy virtue

Анна Семенович гуляет, подобного девушке лёгкого поведения
Since then, as Anna Semenovich broke up with her banker, her personal life began a black stripe.

Анна Семенович гуляет, подобного девушке лёгкого поведения

While the paparazzi are caught Anna in a bar pretty drunk in the company of strange men, in glossy magazines spun a romantic story of her love with a Swiss businessman of Russian origin. It has never been seen, but he’s invisibly there in the tags #lubljulana.

At some point about the Swiss began to forget, but back in August in an interview, she said that she has everything with him well and not to worry.

Анна Семенович гуляет, подобного девушке лёгкого поведения

And suddenly, he has emerged as the current face of another incredible story. It turns out that during a holiday in Greece, Anna became interested in the local financial goal and immediately began to bestow Anya gifts, to invite in the most luxurious restaurants, ride on luxury yachts and even booked a hotel room for the next 50 years.

Анна Семенович гуляет, подобного девушке лёгкого поведения

And then, somehow, inexplicably, about the new novel finds out the Swiss and then rushes to Greece in the showdown. And already it turns out that all these years he only unsuccessfully sought the Ani location, and no affair they had. Well, what used to Anya told me how wonderful it is out there somewhere constantly flying, drinking wine and wandering at night along the beach, is not considered.

So, the men got into a fight right in the bar, but S. left this place in the company of Greek and now they have love and he will soon fly to Moscow.

I understand that Ana wants to represent all so that her life is filled with love, but why to invent incredible stories, exposing themselves in the role of elite prostitutes, that being #lubljulana begins to accept gifts from another man riding on his yacht and so on.

Such stories worthy of Anna Kalashnikov, but Anna Semenovich you can be more creative.

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Author: Mysha

Author photo: instagram

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