Анна Семенович взяла себя «на слабо»
The singer will debut in a play about a ballerina Volochkovu.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: Press service of Anna Semenovich

30 September in St. Petersburg, on the stage of DK Lensoveta
the premiere of the Comedy “airborne Day”. The main role in the play will be performed
Anna Semenovich. Her partners will be Anton Komolov, Vlad Topalov, Maxime
Konovalov, Anna Gorshkov, Vladimir Sychev and Alexander Pashkov. The action of the play
happens on radio August 2, the Day of the airborne troops. Radio host Anton Komolov and Anna
S.) wait to live a great dancer Semiramis Volochkova, but she
comes. By coincidence. in the Studio there are two paratrooper…

“The first thing I thought when I called the Director and
was offered the role in the play : “of Course, give up!”, — says Anna. — I never went to the theatre
stage. One thing the movie where there are duplicates, plans. Theatre for me always
mystery, a place where you live in the here and now. But suddenly I realized that
this offer is a part of my life. which gives me the opportunity
to try myself in different roles, to test themselves, take risks, and get from all
this, drive and pleasure. Here it is – my first role in the theatre
worried, trying to live her and that the blood in the body running faster. At first
the rehearsal I went, as on exam in school, I admit, was scary. But I
got myself what is called “weak” and came to the House of the actor is confident that
I will succeed, we will succeed . Now we rehearse 5-6 hours
every day, and on September 30 the Prime Minister in St. Petersburg. Very nervous, but
I’m sure that with such wonderful partners we will succeed!”

In the theatre project are professional acrobats from
complex staging tricks. And the Scenery is made using the latest
technologies. Play “airborne Day” written by a group of Moscow writers who
I write for rated programs on TNT and STS.