Anna Semenovich: “the Breast is my main nurse!”

Анна Семенович: «Грудь — моя главная кормилица!»
The singer openly spoke about his bust.

Photo: Instagram

The other day Anna Semenovich published in his personal blog a photo of herself, 17-year-old. Photo students of Sports Institute stirred up the press and fans of the stars that Anya broke down and expressed all he thinks about his surroundings.. and his chest.

“Still, my chest — the nurse and my main competitor! — complains the mayor. — I in life did not: the medals on ice for the country was earning, in the group of popular singing, television programs lead, in movies, songs, clips record, go on tour. And all the attention she still gets! I’m even jealous of her years of glory in all media! (Laughs). Here and now again in the top of the news my “treasure”. The impression that curvy Breasts in our country, only I have. Well, what can you do. We give you breast Hey, thank you for your attention. Tonight I even decided to meet with her friends, open a good bottle of wine and drink a toast to her mother and a beloved!”

Fans of Anna appreciated her humor and, judging by the comments in Instagram, supported the singer drank to the success of the breast Semenovich.

By the way, about being true whether dignity Anna, I bet not only fans but also other stars! Recently, some filming Stas Kostyushkin decided to check Semenovich “natural”. “Anya, the whole country is in doubt!” he said. On the set of silence.

“What, I don’t mind!” — suddenly said Anna. Stas did not panic and felt the biggest bust of Russian pop music! “Yes, indeed, all present!” — he confirmed.