Anna Semenovich shocked fans weight loss with photoshop

Анна Семенович шокировала фанатов похудением с помощью фотошопа
Fans are outraged by the excessive correction of photos of the singer.

Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich has again drawn the IRE of fans, published in
his striking in the East
beauty. The reason of indignation of the subscribers has become a very sloppy correction
photos, where the singer’s waist looks unnaturally thin.

“Anya, you are very beautiful. But why all the time
photoshop? Love you without the perfect waist!”; “Why so photoshop…
You can’t just go to the gym”; “a Vigorous photoshop!” — wrote fans.

By the way, this is not the first time Semenovich causes
the subscribers on your page similar emotions. So, in April published online
video performance of the star on the anniversary of the entrepreneur,
produced in online a bombshell.

The surprise of the fans watching the story, I did not know
boundaries: they found that Anna is not so, like the pictures in
Instagram. “I would’t have even recognized her… What is it? 20 kilo extra just
there are…”, “wow, really?! Here’s to you slim!”, “It’s time to do something! Wrong
she’s a star, really can’t afford a good nutritionist?”, “And how
proper nutrition, making the figure something broke?” criticized the actress fans.

Thus, some of the commentators suggested that Anna
just in the “interesting position”. Not so long ago, Sobyanin said that
really going in the near future to become a mother. But said that,
likely to adopt
the kid from the orphanage.