Анна Семенович отказалась от косметики
36-year-old singer won’t recognize without makeup.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: Instagram Anna Semenovich

During the holidays the famous ladies give the opportunity to relax
throughout the body and, of course, the skin. After all, the filming of the Christmas programs
they are often used not just cosmetics and professional makeup. A break in
the work is done and Anna Semenovich. The singer flew to Bali. “Moments of bliss, how long have I waited for the return to Bali, for me it’s magic
island! So,
the wizard, to the wonders of the willing” — not hide his feelings

The way to an exotic resort was not close.
Anna spent only 20 hours in flight. Moreover, at some point she
got lost and could remain in a foreign country. “I almost got lost in
transplant in Beijing (where almost no one speaks English and Chinese I don’t
know). Thank you good girl Caroline and her husband from China that helped me
to understand and still fly away to Bali. I flew on the magical island
on the Ground and the fatigue of the road can not remember! Well, on my way across
good people. Well, that like attracts like. All love, all goodness!”
— says the mayor.

Anna is positive and philosophically: “I wish you
in these days of REBOOT! We used all the time to run somewhere and
ceased to notice the beauty of life, to understand the Divine language through the fluffy
white snow, the wind noise or wavy ocean, but it’s all for us, for our
fun. We need
to learn to look
to parties in search of people we
will be happy to compare with you and condemn, and in search of the simple
beauty, which gave us a divine universe and then life will sparkle
happy colors.”