Anna Semenovich plans to sell underwear

Анна Семенович планирует продавать нижнее белье The singer is thinking about creating your own business. According to Anna Semenovich, she is well versed in underwear clothing for women and will be able to surprise their fans. The project she will develop in the next year.
Анна Семенович планирует продавать нижнее белье

Anna Semenovich soon going to conquer new heights and have seriously thought about opening a shop of lingerie. Interestingly, to develop the model, choose the fabric and the details for tailoring the blonde would be alone. A celebrity wants to rely on any income, so I will try to make prices affordable for everyone.

“Actually I have a lot of bright events, I have a very bright life. Maybe next year, I plan to do the bottom female linen. I, like anyone else, can create beautiful lingerie. This is the pricing policy for the middle class, for everyone to dress up”, – said Sobyanin with journalists on the award “song of the year”.

We can assume that Anna will also participate in photo shoots of their own store. The artist regularly pleases subscribers “Instagram” racy photos in underwear or bathing suits. Despite the appetizing forms, beautiful feels confident in revealing the images and without hesitation shared with the followers the details of care. The singer has already told me that trying to carefully follow the figure and stick to a healthy lifestyle. In addition, a significant amount of free time that S. training.

“Never been skinny, always been in a normal body where there is something to hold onto. But this does not mean that the body should not be sports. Sports and nutrition are my friends for life,” wrote the star on Instagram.

Recall that a few years ago Semenovich already tried to combine career and business. Then the girl began to help his father Grigory Timofeevich – to develop the brand “Fries from Annushka” it became. S. approached the issue of promotion seriously and even hired an entire team of experts. What marketers have figured out the positioning of the brand name and bright to attract the attention of fans of the artist.

Interestingly, the man bought several acres of land in the suburbs and became interested in agriculture, closing his workshop for sewing fur. Environmentally friendly product parent celebrity supplied in small chain stores, as well as companies preparing Lunches for offices.