Anna Semenovich Moscow has suffered from the weather

Анна Семенович пострадала от московской погоды
The singer complained of health problems.

Photo: Instagram

No sooner had the ink spots return to Moscow from the Sunny island of Bali, which spent two weeks as immediately affected by the coming frost. Winter in the capital of Russia came only in January, dropped a lot of snow, and the thermometer steadily moved down.

S. for the first time faced with an Allergy to the cold. Around the eyes the stars of the rash, and the eyes began to tear. About this, Anna told fans in a live your profile in Instagram. She asked advice from followers, and she was immediately in private messages came hundreds of tips on how and what to do.

The fact that this is an Allergy, Semenovich realized after taking antihistamines. They removed the symptoms, but a good singer have a long chat with the doctors. The fact that start not allergic, otherwise it may lead to big problems. And it is very important to find out exactly what you’re responding Anne. For example, it can be reagents, which plentifully strew the streets of Moscow.

Colleague Semenovich on stage, the singer Irina Dubtsova, suffers from allergies to bloom for many years. A couple of years ago, it even turned into an incredible scandal. Because of the attack the girl tore the concert in Gomel, and took her to the hospital. According to the organizers of the tour, the singer suffered an acute bronchospasm. Doctors removed a seizure medicines, after taking which possible side effects: speech disorder, coordination and mental clarity.

Upon arrival in Moscow, the singer was urgently hospitalized to stop the seizure. The task before the clinic was a complex one: as soon as possible to raise Irina on her feet because she’s in the midst of a tour through the cities of Russia and Abroad.

So Anna Semenovich should seriously think about medical examination.

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