Anna Semenovich launched the marathon of healthy living and sat on a rigid diet

Анна Семенович запустила марафон здоровой жизни и села на жесткую диету
The singer was invited to the team fans.

Анна Семенович запустила марафон здоровой жизни и села на жесткую диету

Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

Anna Semenovich in advance began to prepare for the new year
holidays and offered her fans and with her healthy
life. The participants within 21 days will be to actively prepare for
holidays through sports, nutrition and positive thinking.

“We are looking forward to a wonderful holiday season, with joy and
feasts, but of course, it’s just extra weight, swelling and all those little
the troubles that accompany the fun days — explains Anna. — So
want to recruit a group of “Posetivshego-athletes,” who together with me
within 21 days will be to actively prepare for the holidays, through sport, right
nutrition and positive thinking. Give your body and thoughts in order, then
proud to wear the bathing suit on the beach or calmly start to get into favourite
jeans and a tight evening dress and respect themselves for what we all are.”

Its programme “healthy lifestyles” by the S. start early in the morning, and
followers share recipes of dietary dishes.

Lunch Anna Semenovich

Photo: @ann_semenovich (Instagram Anna Semenovich)

“I woke up this morning with difficulty, honestly wanted to crawl,
but with an effort of will I forced myself to get out of a warm cot and began to welcome
a new day and a favorite, — says Anna. My morning started with a Cup of water
and a teaspoon of turmeric, turmeric why? Because it is very useful, improves
metabolism and elevates mood ,is simply indispensable in the diet. Then I
completed 5 km on the track, shook the press and strengthened hamstring.
Then I drank flavored coffee and filled the tub with salt. As I have
today is protein day, for lunch I ate 150 grams of salmon with broccoli, which
cooked in the oven. For 21 days I decided to abandon flour, sweet,
eliminate the vegetables and fruits with high starch content (bananas, dates,
potatoes), and do not eat after 8 PM, drink at least 2 liters of clean water( no
sweet drinks) and of course a positive attitude on the result. For dinner chicken
breast with zucchini, and you”.