Anna Semenovich is losing weight for the New year for apples and zucchini

Анна Семенович худеет к Новому году на яблоках и кабачках

The singer shared the secrets of new year’s diet.

New year still a month and a half or just a month and a half? Apparently, Anna Semenovich actual second option. The singer has now decided to prepare the shapes for the holidays and encourages followers together with her maintain a healthy lifestyle.

21 day Anna refused from flour, sweet, excluded vegetables and fruits with high starch content (bananas, dates, potatoes), stopped eating after eight in the evening and drink two liters of water a day.

And fans didn’t think the singer is starving, and were inspired by her example, Semenovich decided every day to describe their menu and share photos of low-calorie, but very delicious dishes.

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For example, Anna has already had chicken the day: Breakfast two boiled eggs and paraphrase, lunch chicken soup, and for dinner chicken.

Then fish the day: two fish cakes steamed and some green salad (cucumber, greens, avocado, olive oil with lemon) snack 2-3 hours, for dinner a piece of fish with zucchini.

And in the evenings, when you want to eat, Anna prefers apples. Also, when the struggle for harmony in the course of going and spices.

“My morning began with a glass of water and a teaspoon of turmeric. Why turmeric? Because it is very useful to improve metabolism and elevates mood, is simply indispensable in the diet. Then I walked 5 km on the track, shook the press and strengthened hamstring. Then I drank flavored coffee and took a bath with salt (salt draws out from the body of excess fluid). Since today’s my protein day, for lunch I ate 150 grams of salmon with broccoli, which was prepared in the oven. Dinner chicken breast with zucchini,” says the mayor.

“Anya, what you done, but my will power is not enough…” – comment on girls and the singer promised that already tomorrow will start to eat right.

How effective is diet star, we know exactly 21 day when the singer, as promised, will share the results.