Anna Semenovich intends to sue 50 million for the intimate photo

Анна Семенович намерена отсудить 50 миллионов за интимные фото The singer wants to restore justice. Anna Semenovich will deal with those who illegally used her image to promote adult site. The artist is determined and ready to go to the end, defending their rights.

      Анна Семенович намерена отсудить 50 миллионов за интимные фото

      Anna Semenovich is outraged that her photo was used in the West is the erotic portal. The website stole the frames of Russian celebrities and with their help and invites men to “communicate”.

      “To say that I’m shocked, not say anything, – said Anna “StarHit”. I hate that I never gave this site permission to unwind with my photos! Because of this terrible situation, I now write to friends from all over the world, throw a link to a website – say, Anya, have you seen what’s going on?”

      To punish cheaters, Anna turned to the lawyer Sergei Gorino, which has helped celebrities to achieve justice.

      “According to the legislation of the Russian Federation website can be condemned under article 152.1 of the Civil code “Protection of citizen’s image”, – said the lawyer “StarHit”. In accordance with this article, it is prohibited to disseminate the image of any person without his consent. In case of violation, the citizen has the right to file a lawsuit about the removal of this image and the compensation of moral damage in financial terms. Its size depends on the degree of dissemination of information. The court would oblige the owner of the resource to report on the number of views of the site and, if it is hundreds of thousands, to demand a corresponding amount. If the site looked, for example, 50 thousand people, Anna could expect to pay 50 million rubles”.

      The trial of the singer will begin next week, and the star is configured aggressively. “I’ll be the last to defend the honor to teach it to others illegally use other people’s photos”, – said Sobyanin.

      Анна Семенович намерена отсудить 50 миллионов за интимные фото

      Earlier, after learning about the existence of the sex chat where you use her photo, the star asked fans to help her find dishonest promoters erotic portal.

      “Of course, I find it very frustrating, because I they do not give. On the other hand, I am pleased that I attract men not only in Russia but also in Europe, and that their website is untwisted at the expense of my photography. But what is it when without my knowledge I use in order to advertise and, well, not very intelligent,” explained his attitude to the situation, the artist.