Anna Semenovich helped the client to find love

Анна Семенович помогла клиентке найти любовь Listener training the stars managed to achieve personal happiness. The singer tried to contribute to the girl decided on a step and tried to change the situation in the family. Now, watching the results of her work, Anna Semenovich, comes to the conclusion that she needed to become a professional psychologist.

      Анна Семенович помогла клиентке найти любовь

      The singer, who last week celebrated the 37th birthday, I decided to turn a longtime passion for psychology to the profession – after six months, Anna will receive a diploma of the Institute of innovative psychotechnologies. And yet in parallel with studies S. conducts training teaches women how to be loved and happy.

      “In Moscow at one of these sessions came a handsome lady of forty-odd years, her name was Olga Asovskaya, – told the “StarHit” Anna. We got to talking, she shared that working in the office, long married, have a 15-year-old daughter. It would seem that all is well, but… Olya complained that unhappy in marriage, love gone, with her husband living like roommates. I did not provoke her to break up with her husband. Just once again reminded that everyone deserves to be happy and should be with someone who appreciates him. Why stay with a man who is ignoring you?”

      Olga hesitated to talk to my husband. But after a conversation it turned out that his feelings are long gone. “We made the decision to divorce, – said Olga with “StarHit”. – It was scary, any change is difficult. From Ani I got the same “magic” kick”.

      Recently Olga got a call from the mayor, thanked for the help and said that he had met a man and fell in love again. “Her pious began to chat with a colleague, and now they are friends in pairs, – says the singer “StarHit”. – The activity helped me to better understand myself and to understand more deeply private man. I look at people… How many of them are unhappy, morose. Want to help stir. After graduating, I will be sure to work with a psychologist.”

      The artist had the talent to find common language with any category of people and to help others find a way out of the predicament. The training stars grateful for the professional approach and attempts to establish their lives.