Anna Semenovich has shared the first footage from the wedding

Анна Семенович поделилась первыми кадрами со свадьбы The actress posted on Instagram an intriguing photograph in a white outfit. Fans began to congratulate the singer, but it soon became clear that holiday was created for the filming of the clip.

Anna Semenovich rarely shares details of his personal life. So, fans artist not known, freely her heart. That is why the photograph of a young woman in a wedding dress caused quite a stir among her followers. In the picture she is depicted in a white dress and a veil on her head. Next to the singer, with his back to the camera stands a man. Fans immediately suggested that the star was married, and a mysterious man in a suit — her new husband.

“I congratulate heartily you krasotulka. I wish long lasting love and happiness my joy”, “If this is true, then Hooray for you,” commented on a photo followers celebrities.

However, it soon became clear that Sobyanin took part in the mock wedding celebration for the filming of his new video for the song “I want to be with you.” Work on the video took place at the Studio “Mosfilm”, and using a provocative photo young woman only drew attention to the composition, creating a new wave of rumors about her family situation.

“Thank you for the congratulations. But believe me, I’m happy, and sometimes the Registrar will not solve all”, – commented on the words of the fans of the star

Earlier, the actress has repeatedly admitted that he wants to have children and get married. Moreover, Anna stated that they are ready to take the child from the orphanage. According to the young woman, she wanted to make happy at least one kid who is not fortunate at birth.

Anna Semenovich is thinking about adopting a child.

Sobyanin admitted that he is not afraid of the status of single mothers, but still dreams of the child became desirable not only for her but for his father. However, according to the artist, the woman should give birth first and foremost for themselves, not for men.

Meanwhile, the singer is hard at work. Anne often appears at social events and music awards. Recently on his page on “Instagrame Anna said that soon the working life will end and she will go to rest at sea. It is not known whether S. to accompany secret lover or is she going on holiday in a hot country with my friends.