Анне Семенович пришлось отбиваться от многодетных мамочек в Инстаграм
Women who have children, lashed out at the singer Anna Semenovich.

Анне Семенович пришлось отбиваться от многодетных мамочек в Инстаграм

The occasion was the entry of Anna, in which she talks about how she began her morning:

“I love the morning. I’m in no hurry to Wake up, make yourself a coffee, pour the bath salt , make a mask on your face and enjoying your World. My favorite Goddess, we are so much in a hurry in Life that we forget to live !!! We are in routine and household chores , just don’t draw attention to myself, but every woman is beautiful and special. You have to love yourself and give yourself attention, at least 30-40 minutes a day! Believe me for those moments nothing happens , Pets will cope without you and the World will not turn over. But you take care of yourself, and that is love and respect for his Life. Remember that only a happy woman fills her man’s energy and he starts to develop and grow in all directions . Children need a happy and joyful mother, not tired and crabby. So love yourself my Goddess , respect yourself and give yourself time and believe me your man will be more of you to love and appreciate. Have a great day”

– wrote a seemingly positive post Anna.

“Anya, maybe you’ll come sit with my three children while I slowly make yourself a coffee and lie in a bath with salt?”

“For 30-40 minutes??? Yes, I have to put on makeup there is no time. What can we say about a bath.”

“All of this would be “work”, as you have, my dear”

“You start to give birth, then see whether you have to stay at least a minute of time”

– writing women in Instagram History.

But then there were those who defended Anya:

“For work are men, and children – gardens and nurseries. Learn to live so that children do not interfere”

“Who on what studied, hen you are dissatisfied”

“And no figure was then three give birth to whining later.”

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