Анна Семенович объяснила, когда сыграет свадьбу The singer, who is usually very reluctant to talk about personal matters, told reporters about his chosen. In addition, Anna Semenovich gave to understand that he has no plans to register their relationships with a lover.

Anna Semenovich is trying to put a personal show, so fans can only guess about what is happening in her life. According to the stars, excessive publicity could harm her relationship.

Anna recently gave an interview in which he dared to lift the veil of secrecy. The celebrity explained, and when it ceases to be free the girl and get married. Sobyanin does not exclude that this may happen in the near future.

“I’m in a relationship but not married officially, to look as it should. It’s not just my favorite man and potential father of my children. I must be sure in him on 100 percent. To understand what it is my man, I have a year and a half. I need to understand precisely what is exactly love, not sexual attraction”, – said the singer.

The artist does not exclude that someday adopt a child. According to Anna, it will happen after she will become a mother. “While the man did not broke his hand he will never understand how much it hurts. Not having children, will never understand how beautiful it is,” says the star.

In the nearest plans of S. New year celebration. Anna usually works on December 31, but the next day she always goes to his parents to congratulate the father on the important date. The star noted that the job brings her joy.

“Dad’s birthday on 1 January. We always get together. Dad is offended that all celebrate the New year, forgetting about his birthday. There is a saying: if you find work that you love, then you won’t have to work another day. So I’m not working, I enjoy” – says the artist.

On the festive table S. will be salad and the “Mimosa” cake “Napoleon” by the mother of the singer, herring under a fur coat and the obligatory dish of poultry. Anna thinks that once a year you can forget about calories and enjoy “bad” food. According to the singer, in ordinary life she prefers to sit on the protein diet, choosing fish, meat and vegetable soups. Star also loves spicy Thai food because it improves metabolism.

In an interview with reporters, she added that prohibits pizza and pasta. The performer allows himself to relax and taste farinaceous food only during trips to Italy, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.