Anna Semenovich disgraced in Tyumen

Анна Семенович оскандалилась в Тюмени

Singer Anna Semenovich was in the epicenter of the garbage scandal in Tyumen. Well-known artist came to town on Saturday, but soon after that spat a chewing gum.. just on pure asphalt.

Today Tyumen on the network discusses the ugly deed of the actress. Witnesses and other participants argue that the celebrity not too and helped local residents with cleaning, more posing with a rake and broom in front of cameras. And she gave seedlings to adults, and children with ice cream. At the end of the work day Anna left his autograph on the art object. Then there was confusion: Semyonovich spat out chewing gum just under his feet. She probably wanted to do it quietly, but the camera recorded her actions. Soon the antics of the celebrities were shown on local television. Residents of Tyumen urge to punish Anna in accordance with the law and pay her fines for “Sbros natural garbage outside special areas” to her and others it was nepovadno.