Anna Semenovich decided to liposuction

Анна Семенович решилась на липосакцию The star has always been famous for curvaceous. Anna admitted that large Breasts interfere with her often – as in sports and on stage. But over time Semenovich began to love myself. However, this does not prevent her from year to year to improve her figure.

Anna Semenovich, the famous owner of the magnificent forms, decided to improve the figure in order to advertise underwear own brand. For the sake of prosperity of their own business, the singer agreed to liposuction.

Anna has already shared first impressions and photos immediately after the first treatments.

“This is my beauty discovery: tried and effective procedure called alloplastiki. It is a safe alternative to surgical liposuction. Is done only by hands, the result is excellent,” said the star.

According to the mayor, to lose weight helped her in one of the capital’s medical centers. If the patient is not satisfied with the result, the clinic gets the money spent.

“Correction for the most common problem areas that all, without exception, pay attention! The procedure went well for me given the overly active lifestyle. No rehabilitation, anesthesia and no stitches, but good for health and perfect figure, which dreams kadapa”, – said Anna fans.

In addition to physical activity and medical procedures Semenovich comply with a special diet. The main rule for her – more protein and less fat.

“Meat, I often eat a Turkey. Even in your chart, can find five minutes to prepare steak, Turkey! Healthy eating – it’s easy And not for long,” says Anna with fans.

By the way, Sobyanin told journalists that her first lingerie collection will go on sale next year. According to the artist, it has invested in its business-the brainchild of a lot of strength and is confident in the successful debut in the fashion world.

“Actually I have a very bright life. I, like anyone else, can create beautiful lingerie. This is the pricing policy for the middle class, for everyone to dress,” said Anna.