Anna Semenovich burst into tears, remembering about the plans of Zhanna Friske

Анна Семенович расплакалась, вспоминая о планах Жанны Фриске The singer became a guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Anna decided to have a Frank conversation with the leading and remembered the brightest moments of his personal life.
Анна Семенович расплакалась, вспоминая о планах Жанны Фриске

Personal life of Anna Semenovich always attracted keen interest from fans and journalists. The artist herself rarely spoke of romance and relationships.

This time Anna said that her heart is occupied. However, the name chosen, the artist decided to hide.

“Can I here you ask. I’m really now in a relationship, but the happiness love peace. I don’t know what will this relationship do not know whether it is love for life… once I know what it is, but maybe not. I will come to you and tell all. I haven’t decided yet. It’s so delicious and cool! At any age you different. Now I think this is it. I’m still young, handsome, and wise! The main happiness of a woman is it right to give up and at the right time. Only now I can give a child love,” – said Sobyanin in the program.
Анна Семенович расплакалась, вспоминая о планах Жанны Фриске

Anna said that in her life was two bright novel. The first Director of videos happened in his youth, when she dreamed of becoming a famous figure skater, but due to a knee injury decided to leave the sport. Ex-lover helped Anna to recover after a career and start a new life, a man has created for S. pop group. In it, the singer took his first steps on the stage. Then she was invited to the famous women’s team “Brilliant”. The relations with the influential Director quickly stopped, the man dreamed about children, and the artist wanted the popularity and implementation.

The second breathtaking novel from S. happened to an entrepreneur named Ruslan. Their relationship lasted 8 years, Anna dreamed about the baby, and her partner, already had two children from his first marriage, so I didn’t wanted to burden themselves with the family. Despite this, in recognition of the actress, she is noble Ruslan. They broke up, but finally the man gave her an apartment in the center of Moscow. Now she maintains friendly relations with both ex-lovers.

Figure S. also often causes heated discussions among the audience. Lush Boobs of the actress and feminine forms haunt millions of people. Anna admitted that after a career in sport she started to weigh more.

“Gained 18 pounds. I have recovered is the standard story. When you train for 9 hours a day and then leave. I believe that a woman should be a woman. Now no longer fashionable, look and think: “thin man!” – said Anna.

Anna with tears in his eyes says close friend and colleague Jeanne Friske. The singer speaks with warmth about her.

“Dima led the event for the New year. He I connected with Jeanne on the phone. She was happy and said to me: “I feel good, I’m talking about small! When you hear how he knocks her heels and runs up to me in bed! I’m a healthy person! I know I’ll be fine! And we will have another daughter!” – said the mayor.

After these words Anna burst into tears in the program and asked to stop. For it hard to realize that your beloved friend is no more, and its native people for several years waging war.

“Most sorry for Plato. The boy was left without a mother, without such a wonderful mom… I don’t know, communicates or not with the family. He rarely sees the aunt, the grandmother and the grandfather. I would recommend the entire family come to terms for the sake of the child,” said Anna.

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