Анна Семенович смирилась со своим лишним весом
Popular singer made the Frank admission.

Anna Semenovich

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Lately about Anna Semenovich many people say: in first time was discussing her figure,
then men, then addiction to alcohol. First, the singer watched in silence for publications
in his honor, and now finally decided to speak. The singer published his
the photo, and under it wrote a great post. It Sobyanin described his position to the gossip, the opinions of others.

“I always think about how much a person needs time to love yourself? To fall in love for real, not hiding behind different masks. For the mask
overconfidence, arrogance, pride or self-pity, these masks, huge
number. Someone all the time works to the public, something proving society,
someone is hiding behind the anger and hatred of the world and condemns all who do not agree
with his opinion, someone plays the victim, someone in the know-it-all squad, writes
Semenovich. — A lot of options, and when to live taking what you
there? Not to be ashamed of himself , but simply to love and stop working for (the public), not
wasting all this time. I know, it took a lot of time: I was
both victim and rescuer and rokovoko and Dorohoi. And that’s all Ya Every day I
choosing a mask is like a dress from the fear of the world and people, from fear
condemnation and misunderstanding and lived the role of others. Recently, I started to love myself completely
different and not very good, sober and not very thin and not very me
stopped caring about (someone else’s) opinion, which for so long ruled my life!
I’m concerned for ( my) attitude and it gives such
great freedom I want to give you, my favorite positivity.
To be a sincere person, it is a lot of strong and very free people. Make
themselves and others for who we are, it’s happiness. We are all different and at the same time, we are all the same and we all have
the right to his opinion, just
it is not necessary
to impose it
others. Just
it is necessary to take
( else) , honestly
expressing his
attitude , but not
condemning! This is the wisdom of our life , to have everything and nothing to be different, but the main thing
to be able to love and accept!”

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