Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!» Mother, artist and businesswoman – to 35-year-Anna has achieved success in different spheres of life. Men turn the head, looking after… And lost, trying to hurt. Sedokova told the “StarHit” on plastic relationships and secret desires.
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»

“I’m hard to tame”

Anya, your heart taken?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»A month ago I broke up with a guy. We just realized that freedom is better. Easily accept it without any dramas. Went here recently one in movies, was great fun. I have a wonderful family, terrific job, and all the rest happened. Decided not to advertise their feelings – not to become the object of persecution. Although sometimes I want to be Frank, to sit down on the places to kiss and to kiss, the whole room turned around.—
Can you be one?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Judging by the number of people living in my apartment, I a priori will never be alone.—
And where to meet you?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»In a bookstore, to give the concert a bouquet of flowers… Now it is much easier to take care of a woman, but for some reason the stronger sex are afraid of doing basic things. Or we become easy to accept. Certain enough, if a man wink – they are ready to rush him to the restaurant.—
What you need to do to win your affections?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»To be the best, successful, smart, kind, caring, I was interested to obey. I’m skittish, I’m hard to tame, to force someone to listen. But try to behave like a woman, not as a leader.—
Services for Dating used?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»How do you imagine it? “I’m Anya, I have three kids, two dogs and two parrots. We will get acquainted?” And now what a competition! How many ladies at a time can write one and the same man. Better go to cinema, theatre – and not in the one where usually, and at the other end of the city. To the training! There are in fact lots of interesting people. And looking at you in a red dress, they realize that they lack not the master class, it’s about you!
Happened to anyone ever broken your heart?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Happened. Usually this happens after I’m gone. Men try to take revenge, to make a painful. Show the strength or want to return. But there’s no turning back. Don’t want to cry, to say that most of them do not believe, just one day didn’t work out. All the bad things are quickly forgotten.—
Friends with ex?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Believe that it is necessary to maintain good relations, especially if you have children. But sometimes it’s not really frowned upon today. For example, I asked to break with the past.
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»
But still I would like once again to try on a white dress?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»I’d love to, but at the moment, after some of the wounds of the soul, began to be afraid. I hope there will be a man who will help to cope with this fear.

“Don’t let my son eat dog food”

Hector brought up differently than daughters? Maybe more pampered?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Children up to three years nothing should be banned. But do not allow Huck, for example, eat dog food. One has only to distracted – the child is already at the bowl. He’s growing up with dogs, and it seems that he is Mowgli. Hide water and food for the dogs in the closet. While on holiday the kids were little sand. I turn around and he’s all in it. For Sonny sometimes will not follow.—
And his character is whose?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»He is a true artist. Even better than Monica, though it is hard to imagine. Loves to play, be the center of attention. And, I think, already understands that he is the main man in the family, have a mother to support. Not even naughty!—
It so happened that a long period of time you live apart with the youngest daughter, because the ex-husband took her to America…
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Without Monica to me is incredibly difficult, it’s like breathing with one lung. I have all her pictures and drawings… On the phone screen saver, where we are all together. Most worried that Moni is growing away from her brother and sisters, watching as he began to walk in Huck, she only saw him when the baby was three months old, was not present at the final concert of Alina. And I can’t give her everything he’s got.

Often do you communicate?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»We are in touch almost every day! When talking on the phone, I collected all of them: playing, drawing, doing homework. Very difficult for me, but I know that Monecke harder. At the moment we are working with lawyers in several countries to help not only me, but to all women who were in a similar situation.—
I feel like a mother-heroine?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»I often write friends: “You’re a hero!” But it’s happiness… I still want a child, but already know how it begins: “there she is Again pregnant.” If I have the opportunity to give the children maximum love and care, why not? We are always together – in the movie, and the exhibition, and on the job. But in order to feel happy, it is necessary and individual time with mom. And it is important to be able to hear and not only to insist, saying, your friend is not right, do so. Alina is now quite a difficult age, we can spend hours talking about everything. She also strongly supports me in difficult situations, without it, would not have coped.
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»
Probably older and about boys already advised?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»It’s about them, not particularly thinking. Of course, some experiences are. But while she says she doesn’t like anybody.—
Benefits for families with many children use?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Recently Manucharov told me that he gets a free dairy products. And I thought: why Thank takes, and I still not? We have no benefits, and nice bonuses. For example, in the zoo are allowed to feed the giraffe. Or plane provide the first, most convenient, a number. Recently, a flight attendant dropped a phrase saying that you can afford it. Yes, I will definitely earn well, but spend a lot. Office rent, salaries of employees, parents, children – the weight of obligation. But not complaining, every day I thank God that I’m good. The only grandmother far away in Tomsk. Miss her, but are unable to move – afraid not survive the flight. Going soon to visit her.—
Mom and brother who live in Ukraine, often seen?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»I had a complicated relationship. Mother too much to be worried about me and tried to take care of. Understand where it: she went through the messy divorce, I can only imagine he wanted to protect me and somewhere in passing. I got scared and ran away. Now, after two years of silence, trying to communicate. My dream is to meet her grandson.—
You take shelter in Moscow. Its plan to acquire?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Looking for options to invest money. Will soon take out a mortgage.

“I hope weight goes in the ass”

Now everyone is preparing for beach season. Do you have a recipe for how to lose gained during the winter?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Start to prepare in advance, because miracles do not happen. First, increased number of visits to the hall from three to five and returned to running in the morning along the promenade at the house. By the way, I measure distance not in kilometers, but in the songs – the average is 40-minute album. My secret: do the pants and slimming belt, two pair of gym shorts and sweaters. I love hand massage. If you do it regularly, three sessions a week will do fine.—
Latest technology use?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»Are a person one clinic, there are so many cool machines! Lie down on the couch, you attach electrodes to your press. And the prices are all available. For example, the procedure that replaces the 500 sit-UPS, – 2000 rubles. But this does work only in combination with physical activity. If you mix with the cakes – will not help.—
Ready for the beauty to go under the surgeon’s knife?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»I think, Yes. It will take time, and will definitely give in to temptation. In the meantime, I have enough makeup on all the extra mask, and needed stress. But recently wanted to do permanent makeup lips. Shared with my friends, and they are: “Why? Took a pencil – painted. It is not known yet what the result will be”. So I denied everything.—
And all forms of happy?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»I have not fit any standards. I did not figure the model, do not fit into any dresses or jeans. Now the stylist was asked to reduce the volume, as I’m not fit. But the woman’s happiness does not depend on the size of the clothes. If you buzz in large pants, any man will feel it
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»
What is your ideal weight?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»60, but, probably, it will never return, so that – 65. I’m not working on this, and on my core, booty… I Hope, an extra five pounds now. I even joke, “Why did you broke up with your boyfriend? – Not able to feed me!” I eat so much!—
And at night, too?
Анна Седокова: «Когда я ухожу, мужчины мстят мне!»I confess, a sinner! Come in the morning from work starving, and sometimes I cook the dumplings. But often after a hard day put the kids to bed and pour a glass of red wine. Sit dreaming or writing songs.—
Children can relax? Young son hardly…
Small? This word does not fit him! He’s a real Hector, him a year, and the clothes we buy two. Smiling boy, loves everyone cheering. Can’t imagine how I lived without it! Already talking in full: mA, PA… Engaged with him every morning. Read an incredible number of books on the topic of development. But all this is not to Huck grew up the most intelligent, just feel he is interested. And son is happy every day to learn something new as I am.