Anna Sedokova was terrified by her makeup

Анна Седокова ужаснула своим макияжем
Anna Sedokova is not only a successful performer but also a large mother raise three children alone.

Анна Седокова ужаснула своим макияжем

Recently on Twitter, the singer appeared a video in which she showed how daughter doing her makeup. The result is frightening, good thing Anna didn’t come out like this on the street.

Анна Седокова ужаснула своим макияжем

“After the flight was terribly sick. Can’t even get up, a terrible weakness. Unfortunately missing today speech at the Party zone @muztv. Can just negoiate. But of course there are skeptics who do not believe. Say in storm the house left. No. Look. I even makeup isopropoxyaniline did. Amazing!”wrote under the video Sedokova.

Recall that some time ago Anna was terrified by his fans with a story about the life of a tyrant, fortunately, at that time, the singer had no children, so they are not suffered at the hands of cruel humans.

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