Anna Sedokova was first published after the birth

Анна Седокова впервые вышла в свет после родов The singer, who continues to reside in the United States, attended a concert of Michael Galustyan and Alexander Revva. The performance of the showmen opened their tour across North America. Company Anna Sedokova made up actors Natalia Rudova and Mikayel Aramyan.

      Анна Седокова впервые вышла в свет после родов

      Over the weekend, the singer Anna Sedokova, which continues to be in Los Angeles, became a mother for the third time. The celebrity gave his daughters adorable little brother, his name is not reported. Some time later, after the awaited event Anna hinted to fans on the difficulties encountered during childbirth. Nevertheless, the artist managed to overcome them.

      Then, the celebrity has shared another photo from the hospital. In the picture, which appeared in the microblog star, do it in the dropper. Fans of Anna was concerned about her condition. They began to ask the singer questions about her health.

      Some time later, the star has dispelled speculation the public about the deterioration of his condition. Anna Sedokova was discharged from the medical institution and went to a concert with friends – Natalia and Employment by Mikael Aramyan.

      The young people had a great time listening to jokes Alexander Revva and Mikhail Galustyan. By the way, the speech of comedians in Los Angeles opened their tour of North American cities. Anna and her friends got a storm of emotions from the beautiful evening spent together with comedians. “Incredible,” wrote Anna in the blog describing their impressions of their brilliant parodies.

      It is worth noting that the singer looked terrific. Anna Sedokova smiled a lot and joked, and appreciated the hilarious numbers of entertainers. Apparently, the actress is very happy to become a mother for the third time. Daughter of the stars have already met her brother and was delighted with the new family member. “We really really really love. Me and my most loyal support, support, the meaning of life and life itself”– shared the singer, after a meeting with their favorite girls.

      We also add that Anna Sedokova already introduced his girlfriend Natalia Rudova with a lovely son. “Our treasure. Baby, he’s just wonderful, congratulations. We waited for you!” the star of the series “Univer. New Dorm” a charming child.

      We will remind that Mikayel Aramyan and Natalia Rudova arrived in the USA for the shooting of the new film sarika Andreasian, which was called “Love in the city of angels”. The Director regularly shares in social networks photos and videos taken during the working process.