Anna Sedokova undressed for the fall cover of Playboy 2019

Анна Седокова разделась для осенней обложки Playboy 2019
The mother of three children and one of the hottest singers of Russian and Ukrainian show business Anna Sedokova became a decoration popular men’s magazine.

Анна Седокова разделась для осенней обложки Playboy 2019

Anna graced the cover of the new fall issue Playboy September, October and November 2019.

“Hey, are you asleep? )) I can’t, because it was our super-secret, but this beautiful cover of the legendary magazine PLAYBOY. Candid photos always evoke divided opinion, some screaming about chastity and pulls out a cross and garlic to protect tape their husbands, others see the beauty and aesthetics. It’s really true. At least for me it is more than just beautiful pictures, is confidence in myself as a woman, it is our energy, sexuality. Can’t you be satisfied of yourself, if you condemn the manifestation of sexuality in themselves and others. This is natural, and this is our strength in femininity.

Анна Седокова разделась для осенней обложки Playboy 2019

For 13 years, this is my third cover, and I think it turned out to be the best. It took 13 years, but so beautiful I never felt. This suggests that we should not focus on our age. And I ask all the girls not to think about it.

Анна Седокова разделась для осенней обложки Playboy 2019

Femininity, as experience reveals, and is growing every year. As the taste of good expensive wine.

And I encourage all the girls to arrange such photo shoot. Even just for myself. Let these pictures will be hidden away deep in the closet, and when you feel ugly, unfeminine – you’ll get them and see how beautiful you are and what you can be.

I can be like that. And thank you for that my lovely team”,

signed Anna sexy photo.

Will wait for the rest of the photo, and in the meantime take a look at no less erotic pictures 36-year-old singer.

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