Анна Седокова рассказала, где познакомилась с отцом будущего ребенка The singer mother of many children, she is raising two daughters Alina and Monica, and a son, Hector. Boy this year has been a year. Sedokova decided to tell me where you met his father.

Mother, artist and businesswoman – to 35-year-Anna Sedokova has achieved success in different spheres of life. The singer is a single mother with three children, the youngest recently Hector was a year old.

Sedokova decided to tell, where he met with the boy’s father. Anna admitted that her life is constantly occurring mystical things.

“Okay, everyone! Now it will be interesting. Going through photos of past awards, I realized that now my hair color is absolutely the same as it was 2 years ago! Exactly two years ago. Just before the award, then two years ago radically changed my life! Tell you a secret, it is the prize RU.TV I met my dad Hector. Now you believe me that fundamentally? And do not you think that I’m the same color and the same, in order to return to a certain point, which got lost two years ago. To survive and to work out some events, but to do perhaps differently? Go to the next level? I believe that this is possible. Looking surprised and live,” shared Anna.

Recall from the first spouse Sedokova met when I was singing in the group “VIA Gra”. Belarusian football player Valentin Belkevich has charmed the artist so much that she decided to leave the band. Soon they had a daughter Alina. After two years of marriage, they divorced.

Second husband of Anna became the businessman Maxim Cherniavsky. From him the actress gave birth to another heir Monica. This Union also lasted several years.

8 February 2017 in his Instagram Sedokova announced the pregnancy. On 8 April of the same year, the actress gave birth to son Hector. The child’s father is businessman Artyom Komarov with him, Anna and I broke up shortly after the birth of the baby.

Despite all the difficulties in his personal life, Anne admitted that wants to give birth to more children. Anna Sedokova: “When I leave, men take revenge on me!”

“I often write friends: “You’re a hero!” But it’s happiness… I still want a child, but already know how it begins: “there she is Again pregnant.” If I have the opportunity to give the children maximum love and care, why not? We are always together – in the movie, and the exhibition, and on the job. But in order to feel happy, it is necessary and individual time with mom. And it is important to be able to hear and not only to insist, saying, your friend is not right, do so. Alina is now quite a difficult age, we can spend hours talking about everything. She also strongly supports me in difficult situations, without it would not have done,” – said Anna in an interview with “StarHit”.