Anna Sedokova told that it has in common with the “iPhone”

Анна Седокова рассказала, что у неё общего с «айфоном»

A few weeks left until the moment Anna Sedokova becomes mom of many children. Pregnancy in women is usually very emotional, and that Anna encountered this side of this happy period. On his page in Instagram Sedokova published a letter to fans in which he spoke about how changing her life and reflect on what it has in common with the “iPhone”.

“I know I have not wrote long posts , I know that is not posted, but every day more and more changes in me and I feel like with my body, changing my life around) I was slow , very slow. Like IPhone 3;) Like my powerful CPU in the head, coming up with 1001 idea in a minute , replaced the old and I try to like that to speed it up ,honestly , but so far all by ))) I am now the funniest character in the universe, forget Everything, miss everything, crying, laughing for no reason, swear , reconciled ))) Local loca )))”, — said in an emotional address, former Viagra.

Recall now Anna is married, with two daughters, Alina and Monica. At the moment Sedokova is not married and is not recognized to journalists, who is officially the father of her unborn baby.