Anna Sedokova told how to attract attention

Анна Седокова рассказала, как привлечь к себе внимание The singer shared the secret of popularity. Perfect body Anna Sedokova is a great delight for her fans. The star admitted that become the most beautiful one on the beach is not too difficult. She gave fans a few tips.

      Anna Sedokova is one of the brightest singers in Russian show business. This year, she took fourth place in the ranking of “Top 20 sexiest women” by readers of the magazine “StarHit”. Have the same slim figure as the singer, I dream almost all of her fans. However, success with the opposite sex, according to Anna, is not only striking the external data. Sometimes it is very important to correctly choose your way to conquer all around.

      Even if it is on the beach, where sunbathing in the minimum of clothing, Sedokova prefers to stay at altitude and only selects glamorous swimwear. One of them she showed the photo that was posted on his page in Instagram.

      “To be the most beautiful on the beach? Easy. Jogging every morning, only positive emotions and incredible swimsuit double-sided sequins. Just get ready to be the center of attention”, – said the singer.

      Interestingly, most Sedokova likes to be the center of attention. She feels great in front of a crowd of thousands at the concert and in the supermarket. However, it was not always so. As a child in the food store with Anna there was a curious case, which she can’t forget until now. The singer nearly ended up in the children’s room of militia.

      “I was seven years old, – said Sedokova “StarHit”. – Mom sent me to the store for bread. Took a loaf of white. Too that passed aunties cashier. I was about a hundred metres from the store when I realized that I hadn’t paid. To go back is scary. “Ten minutes, I went home – told my mom. She did not scold me, explained what I did very wrong. Still, by the way, coming out of the supermarket, the habit of checking packages for all paid.”

      Anna Sedokova is afraid of a new relationship

      It is worth noting that in his personal life Anna until there is complete uncertainty. The singer has the status of a free woman and questioned her if she wanted a serious relationship. “If I’m ready? To try. Again and again. To get burned? Again not to sleep to five. To write music to six. I do not know. Here, however, do not know now,” wrote recently Sedokova in his microblog.

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