Anna Sedokova told about the meeting with the youngest daughter

Анна Седокова рассказала о встрече с младшей дочкой
For several months the popular singer Anna Sedokova tried to defend their rights for the youngest daughter Monica.

Анна Седокова рассказала о встрече с младшей дочкой

Former husband of the singer Maxim Cherniavsky wanted to deprive her parental rights, but, fortunately, the ex-lovers were able to agree. On the same day the Monica celebrated the seventh birthday, and Anna arrived in the USA to spend time with my daughter.

Анна Седокова рассказала о встрече с младшей дочкой

“7 years ago my life came to an incredible girl. We named her Monica and knew that her life would be filled with love! And she taught me to love mine! And never give up. Fight for the most important and never give up! And now, having passed the most difficult period in your life, and embracing it, I realize that Monica showed me the most important lesson in life! Love always wins! Anger, resentment, jealousy, greed. Love is always paramount! Happy birthday, my little flower! I will do everything to make you happy and loved!” – wrote the artist in his microblog.

Based on the agreement, ex-spouses, Monica is going to live in America, where he will go to the first class, and Anna could see her daughter.

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