Anna Sedokova told about the illness of his son

Анна Седокова рассказала о болезни сына
The little boy had to call an ambulance.

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova admitted that until recently could not understand why everyone around is talking and health. Like, why so much time to devote to conversations about diseases and on simple methods of treatment. But such thoughts vanished from his mind of the singer, once she faced a real problem — she has a sick son. For several days in 8-month-old Hector was running a high fever, which is almost impossible to “shoot down”.

“I even had to call an ambulance, says the star. — These days I went through so much! Understand that everything else you can buy, make, and health — no. Every time now when I’m running for my daughter with the hat in the Elevator and call out to her as follows: “Zipper” , I feel like an old grandmother. And then proudly clapped Aline this hat (it is her for sure, probably takes as soon as the lift doors closed) and still somehow easier. Soon with the ointment in the nose will run, how it’s called? And socks knitted, she will connect judging by the trends!”

But Anna didn’t stop. She even came to star in the program “Health” Elena Malysheva, which discussed childhood diseases.

Now the baby has finally recovered and Sedokova can breathe easy. By the way, some fans believe that the boy fell ill due to the fact that Anna decided to show it to the public. Though fans have been glad to finally see Hector’s face, but also enemies, and envious at Sedokova rife. “I had to wait!” — sure subscribers stars.