Anna Sedokova told about his physical shortcomings

Анна Седокова рассказала о своих физических недостатках
The singer is unhappy with their large Breasts.

Anna Sedokova

If some women want to become more beautiful, increase
the chest on the operating table, others having a large and attractive bust, sorry about that. Among them was and Anna Sedokova.

She first publicly — on his page on the social network admitted
that is far from perfect, but its great
chest simply prevent her to live a normal life. “I’m not perfect. I even sometimes swear at concerts. I have cellulite and big
Breasts that are in the pictures always come out and are too vulgar, — said Sedokova. — I’m always in a hurry
and write errors. My children have different last names, and there is no chance that
the next child will be like! I have constant creative mess and
the wind in my head, I absolutely do not know how to count money and save for

Sedokova also admitted: “My eldest daughter thinks I sing boring songs
and with younger I’m always late to the kindergarten”.

In addition, Anna said that she is a poor driver,
suffering from Shopaholic and have difficulty setting up their homes.
“On the roads all the bumps my, the store I always buy a mountain of rubbish and I can not sort out things that don’t wear for two years, — shared the singer. And repair
can in one room to finish for a year… Here.”