Анна Седокова задумалась о пополнении в семье The singer loves his children, and therefore hopes that someday the daughters and son will have a brother or sister. Now, however, all thoughts of Anna busy with creative projects.
Анна Седокова задумалась о пополнении в семье

Last year, Anna Sedokova became a mother for the third time. She gave birth to a boy, who was named Hector. However, with the baby’s father, the singer broke up almost immediately after the appearance of the crumbs into the light. A young woman now spends all his time with the heirs. She so loves children that are ready in the future to give birth to their fourth child.

“Mother of many children and to be honest, the feeling that it has always been. The realization that you have another child that comes only when you count the kids and realize that you have them as much. But one thing is for sure: being a mother of three — is happiness. We won’t stop here,” said Anna.

The singer stressed that in their family there is no place for jealousy. Older daughters regularly help my mother take care of little Hector. The only thing I refuse to do girls change diapers brother.

Sedokova prefers not to comment on the cause of the breakup with the father of a newborn son. She’s happy because she’s got a future defender, and still hoped to meet a soul mate. Now the star is concerned, in order to grow from Hector’s a good man, strong and brave.

“At first I didn’t understand what it’s like to be a mother. I very much hope that he will grow up a real man. Be kind and caring, respecting women and the weak. These are the qualities that I would like to instill in him the most. As for girls, I bring them kindness, compassion, understanding. Try to focus on the positive things. Also I’m trying to show the kids the right example. After all, it is important that children have a positive example before our eyes”, – said Sedokova.

The artist tries to pay attention not only to care for the young child, but also communication with her daughters. So, Anna monitors the academic progress of the senior heiress Alina. The girl is studying in one of the best schools of Moscow.

“Alina is now often travels with me. However, teachers give us on the road a whole pile of textbooks, homework too do. During the training Alina received only one pair. More mom not upset,” – said Sedokova.

For many fans the singer is a role model, because she manages to raise three children and make a successful career. For 2018 Anna planned a big tour through the cities of Russia with a new album. In an interview for “Wday” actress confirmed that on the stage, and next with the heirs she could feel truly happy.