Анна Седокова принимает успокоительное из-за нового романа

Ukrainian singer, the former participant of group “Viagra” Anna Sedokova only recently introduced his new lover, the man who gave her a big Bush a bouquet of roses, rising with her. But it turned out that in the relationship with your new boyfriend is not so simple and even easy. Anna admitted that even taking a sedative to cope with the raging emotions in her.

“I would like to ask! Why do some people everything is okay and calm? While others, every day is… How would it pokulturnee say… an Adventure! This is what we do not have?” — Anna wrote on his page in the social network. What brought Anna to the point where she was forced to take a sedative, Sedokova is not recognized.
I must say that trouble does not come alone – Anna recently lost my voice due to too tight working schedule, and was forced long time, is under the dripper.
We will remind that earlier the singer met with the choreographer Sergei Guman. They have once parted, as recognized by Anna, her fault. A few months later the pair reunited, but only briefly.

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