Anna Sedokova surprised its a bad habit

Анна Седокова удивила своей дурной привычкой
On new year’s holidays popular singer Anna Sedokova went to the coast, where refreshment and enjoy the hot sun.

Анна Седокова удивила своей дурной привычкой

The singer actively maintains his blog, which often shares with subscribers his thoughts. Recently, Anna spoke about their dependence on the phone, in front of a screen which may spend a lot of time.

Анна Седокова удивила своей дурной привычкой

“Really started our working year and this is the Monday after the holidays in which we all promised ourselves to be better? Well, it’s here. First of all, I want to get rid of this stupid habit of always being connected and with the phone. I hate this thing, although I understand that it depends on. Thanks to her, I put points, appreciate me. Here it went well or badly, but also I learn so much useless information.

Why do I read so much news. Because my brain becomes a garbage can. It is not necessary to me. Just do not need. I need a sunrise, you need to tame your ego, you need to live in the present and let go of all the bad. And maybe to understand finally that it is not bad at all, but just not yours. Robin Sharma wrote that the strongest promise this publicly. I promise you that today, your day will not waste this precious life on the tinsel”, says Sedokova.

Recall that recently all talked about the plump figure of a star, but Anna herself admits that could take your body.

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