Anna Sedokova surprised at the indifference of colleagues

Анна Седокова удивилась безразличию коллег
In April, the popular singer Anna Sedokova happened an important event, it has become a large mum.

Анна Седокова удивилась безразличию коллег

But almost the entire pregnancy Anna was engaged in creativity, and just a few months before the birth has released a new video for “First love”. In the video, she decided to move away from the traditional way and was not in the frame to be naked.

But as it turned out, many did not respond to a humble singer, and Anna held a grudge against their colleagues.

Анна Седокова удивилась безразличию коллег

“I was hoping that people would see me on the other hand, you will understand that I can speak on serious topics. And what do you think? The whole show business pretends I don’t exist. I think the downed pilot. This year I for the first time in 15 years, was not nominated for a single award,” said the artist.

After that, the singer decided to return to the sexy image and presented the video “Passion,” which got more number of views.

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