Анна Седокова заговорила о тайном избраннике The singer is on the verge of a new life. Anna Sedokova no longer wants to impress a strong woman. After it appeared a strong man, she decided to slow down.

      Anna Sedokova is intriguing fans with a new novel. Singer publishes in his Instagram a new photo of her posing with a huge bouquet of flowers. Gifts from a mysterious stranger the imagination of fans of the star. The singer happily accepts the attentions from a new boyfriend whose name she continues to keep secret.

      Sedokova previously spoke openly about their relationship. The singer shared with her fans the happiest moments of the marriage with businessman Maxim Cherniavsky, then told in detail about his emotions at parting with him. In the future, the new lover of Sergey Humana star even took the private video. The pair was back and forth, however, a strong bond with the dancer the singer to build and failed. Now Anna is again on the threshold of a new life.

      Recently Vera Brezhnev – a man for whom I have great respect and love, ” during important events in his life wrote: “Happiness loves silence”. Then I realized the meaning of this phrase, and now I feel: I really want to be quiet. Even if I have some kind of relationship, they only built, and will it succeed to build them, nobody knows. Next is the person who makes me happy, and these bouquets is, perhaps, not only a new novel, but also a new life, a new relationship to herself. For a long time I acted under the heading “a strong woman”, but only recently realized that weak men the strong woman and the strong man a woman happy,” admitted Anna.

      Interestingly, Sedokova got so immersed in a new relationship, she can’t hold back emotions in his microblog. So, recently the singer published a photo which clearly shows her mental anguish. “I first want to sat phone. Not to wait for messages from you…” he left it in the signature of an appeal to the secret elect.

      By the way, the star is already thinking about another pregnancy. She would love to give the eldest daughter a brother or sister.

      “My team is against. Many projects ahead and I say “allowed” to give birth only when I become the singer of the year. It’s a cruel ultimatum. And if I had never dreamed of becoming a singer of the year, now I have no choice,” he shared in an interview with “Hello!” Sedokova.

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