Анна Седокова потратила на новую кухню 5 млн рублей
Singer Anna Sedokova admitted that now all her money goes to repair of a new apartment.

Анна Седокова потратила на новую кухню 5 млн рублей

It is known that one kitchen Anna gave 5 million rubles.

“The first rule of Instagram – take a Picture and immediately posted
So, #Repair beloved ! Hey, are you asleep ? Draft is almost over and the fun begins ! I today for the first time felt what it was to be my apartment . Imaginary sat on the couch and played on an imaginary piano. Came back to reality when I said that good food is worth 2.5 million and showed the kitchen for 5!!! Kitchen 5 – it’s almost another apartment. I can’t make or earn, but only to the kitchen ) But niche, I will do it.

Анна Седокова потратила на новую кухню 5 млн рублей

The draft was released, for sure, but it’s good that they can pay gradually . The air conditioning system. Radiators. Electrician. People , if you have the opportunity, buy an apartment, but I’m not an easy one. So, I will work and earn . Found the perfect tiles and sanitary ware. Now we have it, too ) let’s See how it’s perfect. And even natural stone, you remember, I recently posted? It is very beautiful. Decided it would be everywhere exactly the parquet and only a few tiles. Love to go barefoot.And had elegant balconies and the rooms. Now, I got three of their small verandas. Here )
If you have a clue where to look and what to buy , you tell me, please, at the bottom mark. I’ll watch , be inspired and set goals ! We girls can do anything. Do you remember ?”,

writes in Instagram Sedokova.

It is not known where it will be Anna, but all very interesting.

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