Анна Седокова подписала мировое соглашение с Максимом Чернявским
It became known whether the singer to meet with her daughter without supervision.

Анна Седокова подписала мировое соглашение с Максимом Чернявским

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

It is learned that Anna Sedokova and Maxim Cherniavsky came to agreement in custody battle over daughter Monica. The singer and her ex-husband signed a settlement agreement that established the right of girl’s education. The singer was able to persuade the family of the former spouse to compromise.

According to the Network, custody of Monica’s parents shared equally. That is, half the time she will spend with dad and another with mom. To live it, as before, will be in America, as in school Los Angeles. Anna will be able to spend with my daughter holidays, and also to meet with her at any time without guards.

Sedokova reunion with her daughter will be held in the near future. The actress is preparing for the birthday of Monica a big surprise. This was told by the grandmother Cherniavsky: “Happiness is, and I’m also very happy! Monica is already in the plane, flying to Cyprus, me, July 19 will be a big celebration, Monet, 7 years old, and mom is preparing to celebrate. I’m sure it will be something big for Tiny, her mom is able. I think You’ll see it all on her page!”

Maxim Cherniavsky with daughter Monica

Photo: Instagram.com

Earlier, Anna and Maxim could not “divide” the General’s daughter: the father insisted that the girl studied in America, and Sedokova wanted to take Monica to Russia. In addition, Cherniavsky was against the participation of the successor in the public life of her mother. For fear that Sedokova may secretly to take his daughter from America, he is in a judicial order has demanded to put to Monica warden.