Anna Sedokova showed “ideal” figure after childbirth

Анна Седокова показала «неидеальную» фигуру после родов The artist is experiencing due to the excess weight. Anna Sedokova became a mother for the third time a week ago. However, the singer dressed in swimsuit and showed the fans. Despite the fact that many thought her almost perfect body, she intends to go on a diet.

      The ninth of April it became known that the popular singer Anna Sedokova in the third time became a mother. Now her daughters Monica and Alina came the long-awaited brother. Despite the fact that after birth, one week, the artist has been able to boast of a fit body. She was dressed in a black leotard that emphasized her elegant bust and on the shoulders threw on a denim jacket.

      “Hello there. The baby is already a week and we went for a walk to the pool. The sun and palm trees. This is exactly what you need mommy,” – wrote in the microblog Sedokova.

      Fans were delighted from the appearance of the artist. They were struck by a fit body Anna – because not all women dare to show your figure after childbirth. Many are asking how Sedokova manage so perfectly to look despite the constant care of a newborn.

      “Generally beautiful, very sexy, natural”, “Anna, tell me how? How do you do it? How do you manage to look so cool? My admiration and applause”, “Elegant figure, as it turns out, I too was soon to give birth”, “Anna, you look great! And not to say that just had a baby. All the best to you” – written by fans.

      Later she thanked followers for such flattering comments about her figure and admitted that he would actively work to return the former form. She promised to review the diet and go on a diet.

      “Of course, to the ideal form me well so far, but I promise I will every day to work on this! There is an enormous work, because how my body will behave after the birth of her third bebika, it is not yet clear. But I do feel strongly about it, first of all for yourself! Tomorrow tie with all the hazards, scones, cupcakes and food after six. Turn on five times a fractional power, add a lot of Goodies. If you want to be together. I am writing to you about your change, and you give me advice and tell how to prepare for the summer season,” wrote Anna.

      Fans are happy that the artist is no postpartum depression. Just five days after occurrence of the successor on light Anna Sedokova already went to a social event. Together with friends, the singer attended a concert of Alexander Revva and Mikhail Galustyan. She was not afraid to leave a newborn baby boy in a couple of hours to unwind after a stay in hospital.

      Anna hinted to fans that her birth and first days after birth into the light had not been as smooth as expected. While the artist did not tell all that she had to go through, but promised that over time, will definitely share memories with fans. Fans concerned about the state of Anna Sedokova