Anna Sedokova showed her body before losing weight singer Anna Sedokova.

Anna Sedokova showed her body before weight loss weight, alcohol abuse, as well as for public clarification of relations with her husband Janis Timma.

Probably, public criticism prompted Anna to change. On the personal blog page, the singer told fans that she had given up drinking and began to follow the principles of proper nutrition. Discipline helped the artist lose weight, and now the reflection in the mirror is more than satisfied with her.

Anna Sedokova showed her body before losing weight

Anna also showed messages sent to her by ill-wishers. People reproached the star of the scene for being overweight. Therefore, Sedokova decided to publish her photo before losing weight.

“I looked something like this, I felt even worse. Allergy shots and self-pity did the trick. I was looking for instant pleasure, stress eating, not giving up a glass of wine in the evening. And in the end, I ended up at the point where even positive thinking is powerless. 75 kilograms of a sad woman, ”she signed the picture.

Anna admitted that after giving up all bad habits, the “state of crystal clearness” gave her the strength to move on. According to the singer, she was “tired of rushing in an uncontrollable machine of emotions” and calling it her choice.

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