Anna Sedokova shared an intimate video with her lover

Анна Седокова поделилась интимным видео с возлюбленным The singer has shown what wonders can go to her man in bed. Choreographer Sergey Humane is able to do push-UPS, standing only in her arms, kissing for the sake of its second half.

      Singer Anna Sedokova familiar with the choreographer Sergey Humana three years. The lovers met, parted. At first they hid their relationship, but then officially announced them, which caused the admiration of many. A pair of ex-soloist of “VIA gra” and Humana was one of the most beautiful among Russian celebrities. However, in the summer of 2015, they suddenly decided to leave. The split was very painful for Anna. She later said that it happened because of the large distance between her and her partner So they too rarely seen each other for weeks. “I like the cut the part of the body,” admitted Harris.

      However, in the winter of 2016 Anna and Sergei resumed their relationship. They say that you cannot enter the same river twice, but it seems that this lover was a success. Sedokova and her boyfriend would be over the moon with happiness. The singer confesses his love to his beloved and puts his photo in social networks. “Long flights, the boundaries and the miles have no value. True. When have you,” asks Anna to Sergei in one of his publications in the microblog. “I love when you dance. We’ve come together . Every time I leave or you leave, we meet and get to know each other again,” wrote Anna earlier.

      And recently the singer and even shared an intimate and beautiful video, shot from my own bed. First, the camera shows how Anna and Sergey are passionate about passionate kisses on the lips, and then it becomes clear that in order to approach his beloved, a Human needs to do push-UPS on the hands. Looks this balancing act is very touching, like the beloved Sedokova floating in the air.

      Videos submitted by ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) APR 10 2016 at 2:15 PDT

      Fans of Anna admired her roller. “Amazing”, “In zero gravity, gravity, you are cool”, “Fitness”, “How cute”, “Sergey — good”, “You are very beautiful and harmonious couple”, “Like in space”, “Chic”, — expressed his emotions subscribers Sedokova.

      Perhaps the feelings of Anna and Sergey will be so strong that they want to fix their marriage. Sedokova was already once married, entrepreneur MAXIMO Cherniavsky. In marriage they had two adorable girls. The eldest of them, Alina, is 11 years old, and the youngest, Monica — four years. Anna also said in his interviews that are not against third pregnancy.

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