Анна Седокова экономит деньги на еде
The singer revealed the secret education of daughters.

Anna Sedokova with her daughters Monica and Alina

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Anna Sedokova has a clear idea of right from her point of view, the education of children. The singer wants to raise two daughters — Monica and Alina unspoiled and responsible. To do this, she from an early age learn to appreciate every penny of the family budget. For example, recently Sedokova admitted that on every trip to the store allocates a certain amount of money, to go beyond which is not permitted even to herself.

“I believe that responsibility at that age just need. But it should be given in full. If you have decided that the child is engaged in the interior of the room, point to the choice of color is not necessary. Here I am today very much like peaches. And my little banker said we went beyond the budget. Bought 2 pieces… But was very happy then…” said Anna. In addition, this rule perfectly allows the artist to save money.

By the way, to find common ground with 11-year-old Alina, the singer does not always work. It explains this complex age daughter. The quarrel with the heir to Sedokova became a frequent occurrence. “Yesterday, hard fought with Alina… All night had worried both. At 4 am she came to me, I hugged her, we apologized and went to make a cake… So sweet brings! But these 11 I say to you… It is not easy! If you know how the mother to survive this age — you tell me!” — admitted the singer. By the way, not so long ago Alina after a long break came back to gymnastics.