Anna Sedokova repulsed the man Katya Gordon

Анна Седокова отбила мужчину у Кати Гордон
Artist did not share the man she loved.

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon

Kate Gordon became the heroine of the controversial show “million dollar Secret”, where the stars for money share their secrets. The owner of a law firm and part-time artist, made in the program several Frank statements. Among other things, Kate touched on the infidelity of her former husband — Sergei Gorina with Anna Sedokova.

Gordon is unpleasant to remember your marriage by Garinim. She admits that marrying Sergei, highly premature. TV personality and lawyer were married a month after Dating. In another five months after that, Gordon was in the hospital with a concussion, resulting from the beating. Clarify the relationship with my husband has not stopped and the pregnancy of Katie. In the same period, according to Gordon, to domestic violence has been added and regular infidelity.

Gordon claims that he learned about the novel Anna Sedokova and Gorina from social networks. The singer allegedly published selfie taken in the bedroom of Gordon. “When I was pregnant, Sergei became popular, it started to hang women. Anya Sedokova and took selfies with him in my bedroom, and I’m pregnant. I said to her, “ang, everything is fine and cool, but it’s not fair, let me give birth.” She began to deny everything, which, incidentally, is very disappointing. She passed in front of me and he broke up with her,” — said Gordon.

Katya is now happily in a relationship with a new lover, the businessman Igor Mazuryka. The couple recently filed an application to the Registrar. It was he, incidentally, was the Pope’s second son, Gordon. Interestingly, Kate initially called the youngest son of Leon, but later she had to go and the boy became a Seraphim.