Anna Sedokova remembered about the horrors of life with a home tyrant

Анна Седокова вспомнила об ужасах жизни с домашним тираном The singer admitted how difficult she was to escape from the chosen. Anna Sedokova told about leaving all the things just to save himself. Fans of the actress thanked her for her honesty because they, too, faced a similar situation.
Анна Седокова вспомнила об ужасах жизни с домашним тираном

Now, the singer Anna Sedokova has three children, Alina, Monica and little son Hector. The actress tries to be as candid with their fans and has made no secret of his personal life. Very often in her work she pushes off from the real events that each listener can find in her compositions, something of their own.

Recently, Anna remembered that she was bound romantic relationship with a home tyrant. Sedokova told how she was difficult to get away from influential men, who have followed literally every step. She admitted that a loved one humiliated her, caused emotional pain. However, every time the girl forgave chosen and justify this behavior difficulties in his life and attributed the failure.

“I remember realized that I need to run. Save oneself. It’s now or never. I took the passport, put on the first shoes and a sweatshirt. I saw the guards gaining it and says I’m leaving. I know I have ten minutes, ten minutes, in which he will deploy his machine in the direction of our house and wouldn’t let go. Now or I never will. I ran, leaving all my entire life, clothes, cosmetics, books… I left to survive. And so began my life in the wild,” said Anna.

The singer had two marriages. The first time she married footballer Valentin Belkevich, which gave birth to a daughter, Alina. Second husband was businessman Maxim Cherniavsky, with whom the artist lived for only two years, as the previous one. The man is very kind to their shared daughter Monica, he regularly picks up the little girl and spends her free time. Quite a long novel, Anna dancer Sergei Guman. However, the third child singer gave birth to businessman Artyom Komarov, which parted almost immediately after the birth of Hector.

Eldest daughter Anna Sedokova embarrassed

Fans are unable to understand about any of their representatives told Sedokova. However, many thanked her for her honesty because some of the girls were in a similar situation and didn’t know how to escape from such relations.

“From outside it seemed that they had the perfect family. Good husband, she never knows failure. “Good” husband… Only she knew what started the night. Wild jealousy, reproaches, mockery, pain. It was a completely different person. She does not justify him or herself. She is confused, mixed up reality and decided to become that which it was called will,” admitted Anna.

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