Анна Седокова получила тысячу роз от нового возлюбленного

“A million, million, million scarlet roses…” Now the songs of Alla Pugacheva can sing and Anna Sedokova. However, the singer received a million instead of a thousand. But it’s enough for the woman to be happy.

As it turned out, the finest gift Sedokova gave her new lover, whose name was Anna yet keeps secret.

The bouquet turned out to be so huge, that Anna would be unable to embrace.

As the caption for this happy photo in the microblog Anna wrote: “Instead of a thousand words” and later added: “I think I’m a little decreased and Alice were in another world.”

Note that in discussing the ability of the novel Sedokova with the lead singer of “MBAND” Anatoly Choi. However, despite the rumors, the couple is yet to comment decided not to.

Recall, a significant gift from a loved one” last weekend boasted Anastasia Volochkova. Now the ballerina is the winner of the car class “luxury”, a $ 10 million.


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