Anna Sedokova put an end to disputes about the father of her son

Анна Седокова поставила точку в спорах об отце ее сына The singer posted a resonant frame in the microblog. In the picture, which appeared on Instagram of Anna Sedokova, she is depicted together with a beautiful baby and soloist MBAND Viktor Tsoi. Previously, artists were thought to have an affair.

Some time ago, the singer Anna Sedokova, in April became the mother of many children, my fiance, businessman Artem Komarov. According to rumors, the star had an affair with the lead singer of MBAND Viktor Tsoi. However, fans believe that artists are purely friendships. Representatives of Viktor deny the speculation of the public that he is the father of Hannah’s son Hector.

Sedokova recently fanned speculation about her affair with Choi. The singer published a picture in Instagram, which caused heated discussions on the Network.

“Just wanted to write mom’s post! Girls, we’re big – we six months. When the house doing something in the kitchen, our gentleman refuses to sit in the stroller. Buy a high chair? What do you recommend? What brand is the coolest? And walkers? At what age you began to use them? We urgently need your advice,” wrote Anna.

In the picture, triggering debate on the Internet, Sedokova depicted together with Choi and charming baby. Many have found that the child is similar to the soloist MBAND. Previously, this publication appeared in the community of fans of the popular group. Users of social networks found that the frame is the result of work of masters of graphic editor Photoshop for Christmas. “The child is clearly not six months,” “is It true or a hoax?”, “Trick failed”, “the Kid is the son of Ani”, “Intrigue”, “Immediately shows that there is a signature fan club MBAND”, commented on the Network.

Later, the celebrity clarified the speculation of the public. Anna said that a picture is not her son. The star also denied the rumors that she had an affair with the lead singer of MBAND. According to Sedokova, and Tsoi are purely friendships.

“Let’s stop. Once and for all. I have and Anatoly Tsoi no kids together. The picture is not a Hector, and a beautiful baby boy from Astana, moreover, it indicated that it was “Photoshopped” and made it our favorite fan group, who I really appreciate and spread the work! It gives me great thrill to the fans of Shred, I love you girls. But Anatoly bind exceptionally strong friendship and a huge respect for the talent each other,” said the celebrity.

It is worth noting that Anna Sedokova yet did not show the face of his son Hector. The pictures in the Instagram stars baby, usually depicted with his back to the camera. Fans believe that the singer is a great mother.