Anna Sedokova out for discussion the father of her unborn child

Анна Седокова вышла из себя из-за обсуждения отца её будущего ребенка
The singer lashed out at his fans.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Emotions Anna Sedokova right now. Blame the raging hormones of a pregnant artist. The singer is now very receptive to what her fans write. The fans inadvertently brought Anna out. The fact that one of the images of stars in the microblogging, they began to discuss the issue that many are concerned: who can be the father of the unborn child? Sedokova keeps the identity of the elect in the mystery that generates a lot of gossip and rumors.

“Really, some people are so lost sense of tact and decency to glance at the pants of another man, is now the norm? Maybe artists so often are, to go naked, showing his ass, now you seem mad, hiding something, or even weird? How can you come to me to the page in the comments I write nasty things. Or just to discuss who the child’s father… asked Anna to fans. — Is it not clear that they are not their potatoes with cabbage in the vegetable garden discussion, and the life of man. I’m alive, now especially vulnerable.

What I am is a person with emotions and feelings that I read it all, upset, worried… it is Clear that gathering in the kitchen, we pour the tea and my bones of those who have lives more interesting than ours. But please don’t come to my house with dirty shoes and not to show off their junk. If you have a home, it is customary to defecate in the living room on the carpet and you are so used that you don’t even stink, do not judge yourself for other people. Some do it in the toilet!”

Fans rushed to reassure Anna and promised not to touch any more “sick” theme for as long as she decides to reveal her secret.

Recall that Sedokova has two daughters from a previous relationship. The eldest daughter of the singer — Alina was born in marriage to footballer Valentin Belkevich. Later Sedokova has another child — a daughter Monica. Father was her second husband — Maxim Cherniavsky. After her divorce from businessman, the singer met dancer Sergei Guman, but with him she did not have a relationship.