Anna Sedokova once again went on maternity leave

Анна Седокова вновь ушла в декретный отпуск
“I like a big Hinkel”, — said the presenter.

Анна Седокова вновь ушла в декретный отпуск

Anna Sedokova once again went on maternity leave

In the new project “Around the world in the time of the decree”, the premiere
which will be held at the CTC, Anna Sedokova and her children Alina
and Hector, as well as goddaughter of Pauline, will examine the country to the possibility of family
rest. In each issue they have
traditional cuisine, find the best entertainment and to see how
the place is suitable for families — all with the help of prompts
local mom. In the first season of big company will go to Rome, Tbilisi,
Barcelona, Tenerife and other places.

“In Rome, a huge queue, so from the Colosseum we ran”

The main children’s entertainment in Rome was the Museum Economiamo. “Here
children can touch, break, throw, pokrushit laughed the leader. —
It seems to me that they are perfectly happy!” Under the impression of interactivity
Anna went with the children to the pizza place at the Museum, where under the supervision of chefs girls
cooked Italian pizza. “It turns out that real pizza is cooked not in
the oven, and wood stove” — surprised Alina. And her mother also managed
make a visit to the local wine cellar, where Anna tried terroir
Italian wine and goat cheese from the South-East of Lazio.

In recognition of the singer, in the capital of Italy to relax with the kids
easy: “there is a huge queue, which, of course, could have been avoided — buy
we tickets in advance. So from the Colosseum we fled.” While Anna was thinking about
worries Italian mom, 6-year-old Paulina gladly studied range
local toy stores, and 12-year-old Alina acquainted with their peers. ”
these situations feel like a grandmother, which soon will my grandchildren”, –
Anna joked, looking at her daughter and an Italian boy who was eating together
ice cream.

Анна Седокова вновь ушла в декретный отпуск


By the way, for a teenage audience travel show meets it
Alina. In the travels of the young shoots leading travel vlogs with tips for peers.
But for girls it is a usual thing: it has over 100 thousand subscribers in
social networks. “One day when I have absolutely not enough time I asked
Alina to help me to mount the video for Instagram – says Anna Sedokova. –
It was really cool! I realized that Alina has a talent, and we began quietly
to develop”.

“If you do not speak Spanish or English, come to Tenerife
here all services in Russian”

In the new show children not only spend time, but
learning new things. For example, in Tenerife the girls took surfing lessons. “It is very
there are many such schools, where surfing is possible from a very early age, —
says Anna. — I was told that the CERF has set eighteen months
baby.” Sedokova children visited the local water Park “Siam Park”.

Another striking impression was the Teide national Park,
where are the leading brought a piece of lava with a history of 15,000 years and up
to the highest point of the island, the crater of the volcano. Anna also noticed that
local reverent attitude towards children: adults respect their wishes and
in no way limiting.

Anna Sedokova

“I still like one big “Hinkali”

One of Georgia’s main “attractions” for
Sedokova became khinkali. According to her, the locals do not believe this dish is high in calories
and you can eat it even in the night: “I think I still like one big
“khinkali”. As we ate, you can’t imagine.”

In the new show star will spend time not only in the company of children
but show as the mother to relax after a long day. Leaving young
travelers under the supervision of a local nurse, she will go to the salon
beauty, bath, try an exotic massage, or a romantic walk in the
the city. For example, in Tbilisi, she decided to relax: “I remember the attendant
furiously rubbing my back, then doused me with ice and hot water
at the same time. And in these moments I thought to ask for the forgiveness of all
sins in the world to let me go (laughs). And the pool water was so
hot that I thought I just beat it. Feel
“the humpbacked horse”, which also had to dip in hot, then
cold water. Honestly, next time, I would have chosen something quieter and
cooler. But after the local sulfuric baths I feel like I’m born again”.

By the way, according to the rules of the show, each issue of representatives
female waiting for a gift. The first TV viewer, which will be in the same
institution, and Anna, will call the password “Maternity leave” and show their
family photos will be free to use the same services to
a discount or gift.