Anna Sedokova officially confirmed the pregnancy

Анна Седокова официально подтвердила беременность The singer is waiting for a third child. Anna Sedokova long concealed from fans in an interesting position. Now, however, the artist decided to admit that soon her daughters will have a brother or sister.

      Singer Anna Sedokova will soon become a mother for the third time. The singer has long tried to hide this good news from their fans by posting in the microblogging portrait photography or snapshots in loose clothing. Now, however, she decided to admit the army of fans that will give the two daughters a brother or sister.

      “With each passing moment in life, you start to appreciate and preserve the main thing – my family. You forgive me that long was silent, but that kind of happiness, about which even afraid to whisper it to a stranger. I’m about to become mother for the third time and I thank God for it!” – wrote Sedokova.

      Fans were very happy that soon Anna will have another child. They were quick to congratulate the celebrity with such a happy period of her life. “Dear Anna! I congratulate you from the heart! I wish you strength and patience, baby good health! I love you very much and respect. You are so real and clean”, “Congratulations! You are so fabulous and wonderful! You immense happiness”, “Happiness to you and your family. You are a good girl and a good singer. Family well-being and all things,” wrote the loyal fans.

      The singer also said that her fans are in for another surprise – in a short time she will present a video and an acoustic album.

      Recall that the news about the interesting position of the actress excited about her fans. Fans began to discuss the pregnancy Sedokova in December of this year. But a spokesman for the star refused to confirm this information, explaining that it is not true. The pictures in the microblog Anna never showed changed shape, hiding the belly under bulky clothes. Like many pregnant women, the artist is very varied mood. Recent posts Sedokova in Instagram followers was struck by his frankness.

      “My children have different last names and there is no chance that the next child will be like! I have constant creative mess and the wind in my head, I absolutely do not know how to count money and save for the future. My oldest daughter thinks I sing boring songs, and I’m always late with the youngest in kindergarten,” admitted Anna.