Anna Sedokova not feel sorry for themselves after birth

Анна Седокова не жалеет себя после родов Despite the fact that the singer became a mother just two weeks ago, she had decided as soon as possible to bring yourself in shape. For the first time in six months the pop star has been in intensive training, which caused contradictory reaction of the fans.

Recently the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” became a mother. The girl shared in his microblog a photo of a perfect body after the third confinement. Fans were delighted with the figures of Anna, but the beauty decided that there is no limit to perfection. Sedokova has told fans that she had for the first time in six months was a real workout. Apparently, the star decided to go back to the previous form.

“Good morning! Know that today I was done! First real workout in six months. We did it and even removed! I write this post and my eyes just closed. Every time I promise myself to work in the evening, as all of my sleep and every time off with them”, – said the artist in Instagram.

Fans immediately reacted to the news and wrote many rave reviews. Many people believe that Anna will recover quickly and she won’t have to torture yourself many hours of stay in the gym.

“Anna, you look awesome as always. Stay always like this, one of the most desirable women in Russia and around the world, when even give his daughters a couple of brothers”, “Annie you are amazing! Looking at you and I want to have more such mothers in the country!” Good job! A good figure! Beautiful and a great mom!” – commented on the news the followers of the star.

However, there were those who felt concerned for the favorite:Anna good! But the rest is needed, otherwise the power will end quickly,” “Anya, not much load, yourself, take care of yourself!”

We will remind, that Anna became a mother for the third time on April 8. The singer gave birth to a son in an elite hospital Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. On weekdays, mothers of large families star is pleased to share with followers her blog is full of photos from trips, meet friends and do things together with older children.

Previously Anna has declared that is going to change the meal times and thus to balance the power. She even offered to podeschi start to lose weight along with it.

“I definitely feel strongly about it, first of all for yourself! Tomorrow tie with all the hazards, scones, cupcakes and food after six. Turn on five times a fractional power, add a lot of Goodies,” – wrote the singer in his microblog.